Welcome to Dark Sky Images!!

My deep appreciation of the natural world and my interest in technology has played a meaningful role in my life since early childhood and throughout my career. When moving to Arizona in 2004, my passions in astronomy, art and technology were all realized in one endeavor – astrophotography.

My images of our universe are my expression of the beauty and wonder of deep space. By combining technology and science, I am able to capture and develop those objects creating . . .
                    the Art & Science of Deep Space Imaging

I hope my images will provoke questions, especially from children, so that they may get some insight into the beautiful and awe-inspiring objects that await discovery and are just beyond our eye’s grasp in our star-studded Milky Way, and beyond.

The appeal of astrophotography is multi-faceted. I enjoy camping out under moonless and cloudless skies in remote locations while viewing and photographing deep space. The technical challenges and complexity of capturing very faint objects appeals to my engineering interests and background. 

And, finally, after the fieldwork, using specialized software, the digital data are refined and enhanced by processing to produce artistically inspired images.