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    Our 11' x 14" Double-sided, free standing metal curve is available with a high resolution image on the front side (convex) and your PERSONAL MESSAGE on a star field image on the reverse side (concave).

    These curves are perfect for gift giving...weddings, birthdays, anniversaries...as well as corporate, sport, and workplace awards.

    There are 7 of our most popular images from which to select:

    1. Lagoon Nebula
    2. Triangulum Galaxy
    3. Andromeda Galaxy
    4. Pleiades Open Star Cluster
    5. Horsehead & Flame Nebulae
    6. Heart Nebula
    7. Soul Nebula

    Your message is TOTALLY CUSTOM and we offer your choice of colors  (see sample messages).  In addition, the star field/message side includes information about the image.

    Since this product is highly customized, pleased call us to place your orders, 480-794-1565.